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China supplier High Precision Product Case Molded Screw Cap Plastic Injection Parts

Product Description

         High Precision Product Case Molded Screw Cap Plastic Injection Parts

Product Description

Katio international CO.Ltd opened its doors in 1998 in HongKong China, And build 5 facilities in HangZhou china mainland. Since our foundation, we have specialized in the area of engineering, developing and manufacturing of plastic injection mold and die casting molds, precision mold components and CNC machining.



As experienced professionals, we served over 40 satisfied customers and partners around the world with products, solutions and service in mold making area, From Front-end engineering to contact manu-facturing of complated products.
Katio has facilities and resources to ensure the successful completion of your projects.

Different injection mold type:

  1. Two/Three plate mold
  2. Unscrewing mold 
  3. Cold runner mold
  4. Hot runner mold
  5. Insulated runner mold
  6. Gas assist injection mold
  7. Insert mold
  8. 2K mold
  9. Overmolding mold
  10. IML / IMD mold

Customized mold made by Kaito:
automotive mold, auto dashboard mold, auto interior parts, auto door handle mold, central control board mold, air conditioner vent mold, household appliances mold, medical equipment mold, oximeter mold, chips mold, tray mold, storage box mold, toilet cover mold, etc

Raw material we usually use:
ABS mold, PP mold, PA mold, PE mold, PC mold, TPU mold, TPE mold, POM mold, Nylon mold, PA6+GF mold, PA6 mold, PET mold, HDPE mold, etc

Product Parameters



Item Custom Plastic Injection Mold/Mould/Tooling
Application Automotive, Household Appliances,Consumer Products
Lawn & Garden,Electronics
Medical Technologies, Power Generation
Power Tools, Returnable Packaging
Customized  Accept customized products, the mold building will according to the part design from you.
Steel Material P20, 1.2343, 1.2344, 1.2311, 1.2312, 1.2738, H13, NAK80, 738HH, S136, etc
Products Material PA, PA6, PA6+GF, ABS, POM, PC, PP, Nylon, PET, TPE, TPU, HDPE Injection Mold, etc
Cavity Single-cavity, Multi-cavity
Runner system Hot runner, Cold runner
Payment Terms T/T 50% deposit with PO, 40% after receiving T1 samples, 10% after samples approval and before shipment.

Detailed Photos

Company Profile

Provide low cost and short lead time.

Find best solution according to technical requirements and budget constraints.

Review technical issue according to your specificaiton.

Manage and report the process all though project process.

Assess capacity prior to committing the project schedule.

Regular vendor process review to promote supply chain management.

Experience mold engineers provide after sales technical support.

Very competitive price.


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Plastic Type: Thermosetting Plastic
Plastic Form: Granule
Molding Method: Injection Molding
Item: Plastic Injection Mold/Mould/Tooling
Certification: ISO
Standard: Hasco/Dme/Misumi


What industries and equipment commonly utilize power locks for secure fastening?

Power locks are widely used in various industries and equipment where secure fastening is essential. They offer reliable and robust locking mechanisms that ensure the stability, safety, and efficient operation of the following industries and equipment:

  • Automotive Industry: Power locks play a crucial role in the automotive industry. They are extensively used in vehicles for securing doors, trunks, hoods, and fuel caps. Power locks provide convenient and reliable locking and unlocking functions, often integrated with the vehicle’s central locking system. They enhance vehicle security and passenger safety.
  • Aerospace and Aviation: In the aerospace and aviation sectors, power locks are utilized in the assembly and fastening of various components. They secure access panels, cargo doors, landing gear, and other critical parts of aircraft. Power locks in aerospace applications need to withstand high forces, vibrations, and extreme conditions while ensuring the integrity of the aircraft’s structure.
  • Industrial Machinery and Equipment: Power locks are extensively employed in industrial machinery and equipment across multiple sectors. They are used in manufacturing machinery, conveyor systems, robotics, packaging equipment, and material handling systems. Power locks provide secure fastening of components, tooling, fixtures, and workpieces, ensuring stability, precision, and safety in industrial operations.
  • Construction and Infrastructure: Power locks find application in the construction industry for securing doors, gates, access panels, and equipment enclosures. They provide reliable locking mechanisms that withstand external forces, weather conditions, and potential tampering. Power locks enhance security and safety in construction sites, buildings, and infrastructure projects.
  • Marine and Offshore: Power locks are utilized in marine and offshore environments for securing hatches, doors, and equipment on ships, boats, and offshore platforms. They are designed to withstand corrosive saltwater conditions, vibrations, and extreme weather. Power locks ensure the integrity of marine structures and the safety of personnel operating in maritime and offshore industries.
  • Rail and Transportation: Power locks are employed in the rail and transportation sectors for securing doors, compartments, cargo areas, and access panels on trains, buses, trams, and other vehicles. They provide reliable locking mechanisms that can withstand vibrations, shocks, and dynamic forces during transportation, ensuring passenger safety and cargo security.
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In addition to these industries, power locks are also employed in various other applications, including home appliances, medical equipment, telecommunications infrastructure, defense and military systems, and many more. The versatility and reliability of power locks make them a preferred choice for secure fastening in a wide range of industries and equipment.

China supplier High Precision Product Case Molded Screw Cap Plastic Injection Parts  China supplier High Precision Product Case Molded Screw Cap Plastic Injection Parts
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