china wholesaler Zinc High Quality Power to Lock Automatic Magnetic Lock Door manufacturers

Product Description

Zinc CZPT Quality CZPT to Lock CZPT matic CZPT ic Lock door

NE-ninety CZPT matic door magnetic lock with bracket,special employed to CZPT matic doorway (Especially appropriate for panasonic computerized door
),storage cabinet.Hoisting style,saves time and CZPT when set up.Automatic door all have a comprehensive established of equipment.Unique Anti-residual magnetic layout tends to make computerized obtain control safer and a lot more practical.
one.Particular utilised to CZPT matic door magnetic locks,passed 180lbs tremendous static linear pressure tests.Specifically suitable for panasonic automated door
two.Anti-residual magnetic layout,preserve constant pressure.
3.Built-in reverse present security gadget (MOV), overall performance security ,security coefficient is higher.
4.Wear materials, durable.
five.Electromagnetic suction operate entirely, there is no mechanical failure.
six.Shell with high energy alloy substance, anode hardening remedy.
seven.lock physique with double insulation treatment.
8.By means of the CZPT pean CE and ROHS, MA certification in CZPT .


Holding Force 90kg(180Lbs)
Lock Status Sensors Dry contact NO,NC,COM
Rated Operating Voltage 12VDC
Current consumption 12V/150mA
Optional Functions Relock Delay Timer,Buzzer
Surface finish for magnet Zinc plated
Surface finish for armature plate Zinc plated
Ambient temperature in °C -10~+55ºC(14-131F)
Suitable for Automatic door magnetic locks(Especially suitable for panasonic automatic door)
Magnets Dimensions(L x W x D) 138L*83W*53H(mm)
Armature Plate Dimensions(L x W x D) 67L*44W*10H(mm)
Weight in kg one.4kg
CE-mark for building Sure
Rohs-mark for building Indeed

china  wholesaler Zinc High Quality Power to Lock Automatic Magnetic Lock Door manufacturers