China Good quality Mold Builder OEM Polishing Side Finish CHINAMFG Injection Toolings for Home Appliances

Product Description

Multi Cavity Plastic Injection Molded Toolings for Plastic Parts

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The advantage of CHINAMFG company: 
1. We are specialized in manufacturing plastic injection mould for over 10 years .
2. One-stop service for plastic parts, die-casting parts, and moulds. Save time and save money for you.
3. high quality and fast lead time.

Then please contact online service: Betty Lee on the right of screen.Thanks.

Product Description

Product Name  OEM custom injection mould Plastics parts
Metal Material  Aluminium, Steel, Stainless steel, Copper, Magnesium, Cast iron, Zamak, etc
Plastic Material ABS,PC,POM,NYION,ABS+PC,PBT,PBT+GF30,PA6+GF30,PEEK,PEI,Bakelite.
   Color  Customized (painting or anodizing)
Process  CNC Turning, Drilling, Milling, Punching…..
Tolerance  +/- 0.01~+/-0.05
Surface Treatment  Smooth, Polishing, Painting, SandBlasting, Electroplate, Silk-screen, Laser Etching, Anodizing,Brushing
CNC Machines  20
Shipping Packing  Wood case or carton box
1. With plastic bag, with pearl-cotton package
2. To be packed in cartons or wood case
3. Use glass tape to seal cartons, or pin tight the wood case with nails.
4. Deliver out by DHL, FEDEX
Or according to the customer’s requirement. 



Company Profile

Howe mold mainly specialize in doing plastic injection mold with trial and series inside by 100~1000 ton, with abundant experience in export mold & injection field more than 12 years.
Our company is professional on plastic injection mould,blowing mould & plastic products.
Industrial moulds: Outdoor dustbin, Indoor dustbin, logistic pallet,pipe fitting,cable tie etc.
Household moulds: table,chair,stool,storage,baskets, crates, kitchenware etc.
Appliance moulds: Washing machine, TV frame, Fan, Cooling machine etc.
Car parts moulds: Car bumpers, head lamp, tail lamp 
Plastic Products: Outdoor Dustbin, Indoor dustebin, Storages etc.


Our Advantages

1. Competitive price 

2. Continuance service and support 

3. Diversified rich experienced skilled workers

4. Custom R&D program coordination 

5. Application expertise

6. Quality reliability and long product life 

7. Mature,perfect and CHINAMFG ,but simple design 

Mould Trade Process

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Material: PP
Application: Medical, Household, Electronics, Automotive, Agricultural
Certification: ISO


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Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

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China Good quality Mold Builder OEM Polishing Side Finish CHINAMFG Injection Toolings for Home Appliances  China Good quality Mold Builder OEM Polishing Side Finish CHINAMFG Injection Toolings for Home Appliances
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