china wholesaler Electric Solenoid Bolt Lock for Security Doors manufacturers

Merchandise Description

CZPT ctric Solenoid Bolt lock for protection doors

How do electric bolt locks operate?

When the two core wires are energized, the current straight push the coil to produce the electromagnetic effect. 

The electromagnetic force attracts the spring piece to handle theiron core switch. lt is effortless to use heat, and the fluctuation of the present is easy to cause electric lock failure. 


What is digital lock utilized for?

Furniture – digital locks are typically employed in office ‘hot desking’ environments or individual or short-term storage 

for employees’ belongings. Things such as wood place of work household furniture, filing cabinets and metallic office furnishings must be equipped with a safe locking method where privateness or stability is needed.


Are bolt locks secure?

Deadbolts are the most protected since they need to have to be engaged when the door is shut. 

They have a unique locking gadget constructed into the bolt, that can not be forced back again into the door, therefore avoiding undesired entry


Working voltage

12/24V(Adjustable time hold off)


Pink-Electrical power supply(+) White-COM


Black-Energy floor(-) Yellow-NC

Doing work recent

Commence condition 1.2A


Persistent condition 200mA

Coil kind

Steady working

Stability kind

Electri CZPT lock,unlock

Lock core

The diameter og 12.5MM stainless core,extending the lengh of 15MM

Locking manner

Magnetic induction


The first listing


Electic mortise lock

(A handful of)

Panel protect

(A block)

lnduction lock

(A block)


(A packet of)


(A piece of)

Certificate of confromity

(A piece of)


china  wholesaler Electric Solenoid Bolt Lock for Security Doors manufacturers